Kate Malenfant-McNeice 

-Coming Winter 2021-

Due to closures and remote classes which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, the BFA Class of 2020 was forced to cancel their final year thesis exhibition, which typically showcases the diverse practices and accomplishments of each year’s cohort. The publication Surface acts as a response to the loss of the exhibition—as a means to present, celebrate and archive the work of this year’s BFA graduates via a safe and accessible platform. Surface will be launched as a digital publication in Fall 2020 and in print format in Winter 2021. The publication is led by continuing students and recent graduates: Kate Malenfant-McNeice is the Publication Coordinator and Amelia Rankine is the Designer; both are working together as Co-Editors of the publication in collaboration with their peers. This is the first time that the Union Gallery and Queen’s Fine Art/Visual Art Program are co-publishing the final year exhibition catalogue—a collaboration that formalized with the urgent need to support students remotely and creatively during this time. Given the unique circumstances of losing access to studio space and producing art during a pandemic, many of the works were completed in unusual circumstances or left unfinished or unphotographed.
“Surface aims to capture our work at this moment, with the impact of a global pandemic influencing our lives and our art.” –Kate Malenfant-McNeice and Amelia Rankine, Co-Editors

Excerpts from the Press Release from the Union Gallery.